Built like our classic t-shirt with a stylish V neck design.  Let us know how long your sleeves need to be and how long you want your T-shirt and that's what we'll send you. No Alterations! Can we get an amen! Choose between classic crew neck or stylish V-neck.


***Attention*** The above measurements for sleeve lengths and shirt hem length are a standard beginning point we have determined works for some. If they don't work for you please tell us the length measurements that you prefer and we will customize your clothing for you. All adjustments are on a 1" increment (Ex: if the standard length is 17.5" adjustment options would go up or down 1" to 16.5" or 18.5" etc) Please give us this information on the contact form at checkout.

T-Shirt Short Sleeve

  • Custom made clothes, all sales are final.


  • Hey Ladies give our T-Shirts a try!  Choose a size and give us your length request, we have unisex colors and one color just for you!