My Story

 I have struggled with clothes for more than 20 years as a person with Achondroplasia.  The final straw for me was when I purchased three pair of basketball shorts to take to summer camp for $6 at a thrift store.  The cost to have those three pair altered to fit me was an eye opening $50!  That's when I knew the idea of a clothing company for people with Dwarfism had to happen.  For every person like me the struggle is REAL!  It is my desire to work hard to provide families with clothing options that fit the way they should, bringing confidence and pleasure back into the clothes buying experience.


Why One Stone?

We've all heard the the Bible story of David vs. Goliath, well David was a young shepherd out in the fields with his father's  sheep.  David went to the battle front to check on his brothers and found they were afraid of the Philistine giant named Goliath who had challenged them face to face.  So what does David do? With abundant confidence in God, he picked up 5 smooth stones and faced the giant that was present in his life. It took only one stone to conquer that giant! It is interesting to note that David did not accept King Saul's offer of wearing his battle armor was not made for him.  At One Stone Clothing we want to offer clothing that has been designed to fit the needs of those in the Achondroplasia community.  We would like to think that better fitting clothes will help you slay one of the giants in your life today! Helping you Slay Your Giants! #Slayourgiants!

Clothing Designed With You In Mind